Meet Our Team

Ashley O

Weekdays 6am - 10am | @AshleyO2Go

Ashley Owen is a native South Florida girl who firmly believes that Coke tastes better from a glass bottle and flip flops are the glass slippers of the south. One day Ashley hopes to finally get cable and Internet in her home.



Deena Lang
Weekdays 10am-3pm | @itsdeenalang

You’ve been listening to her on the South Florida airwaves for 15+ years. Deena’s first musical love has always been Alternative Rock and she considers it an honor to be able to share it now with new friends and old.



Weekdays 7pm - 12am & Sundays 2pm - 6pm | @erinleeradio

Erin is a Florida native with a passion for all things local: Craft beer, food, art, and of course music! Favorite bands: Foo Fighters and Weezer. She even named her son Jonas. Other interests include: tattoos, nature, and fitness. #BiteMe



Weekends | @melontheradio

Mel’s called South Florida home for most of her life and loves the beach life! She’s been on-air spreading alternative rock to our area since 2007 and isn’t afraid to get muddy at a Warped Tour. #BiteMe



Weekends | @Spanish_31

Spanish has grown up here in South Florida and has been on air since 2004. There isn’t a concert venue in South Florida Spanish hasn’t attended for a concert or show. Never been married, no kids and favorite color is clear. #BiteMe



DJ Immortal 
Saturdays 9pm - 11pm | @djimmortal

South Florida’s own DJ Immortal has become known for his ability to mix various genres and rock any crowd. For over 15+ years this guy has been holding down South Florida nightclubs, concerts & festivals and now he’s bringing his passion for alternative music to The Shark!



John O'Connell 
Program Director | @johnnysportsguy |

Womanizer, hardcore drinker, gambler, foul mouth son of a bitch, man above all men, athiest, in short your average good guy, family man and Shark Program Director.




Production Director

Tommy is our Shark audio guru. He's the guy who makes our station sound so goooood.




Web Goddess | @wizzywass |

Wass is your friendly Shark graphics guru, music festival enthusiast, and FSU superfan. Her job is to make sure this site doesn't self-destruct.



Sales Manager |

The coolest boss lady in the building. Katerina brings in the big bucks.




Promotions Coordinator 

Luis is the purveyor of good and evil at The Shark. He's the guy who knows a guy. He's also the guy who makes our epic contests happen.



Von Freeman
Marketing Director

Mr. LA will meet with you and translate your brand into a successful radio campaign with his creative edge and passion for #winning. Von has developed countless amazing & charitable events.



Event Specialist

Morganne's hobbies include juggling radio promotions, counting concert budgets, and telling people "we'll make it work." She lives on the thin, fine, Canadian line between The Shark programming staff and sales department.