Deena Lang

The Only Appropriate Use For The Snapchat Gender-Swapping Filter

I love humans. MOST humans. This guy won MVP of my week with his Evanesence duo utilizing the hugely popular gender-swapping Snapchat filter xoxo- Deena
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Who Signed Off on This Germ-Party?

I'm grossed out. I'm intrigued. I'm reaching for the Lysol... Is this the future of our movie-going experience? A theater in Switzerland now features double beds backed with cushiony headboards and bedside tables close at hand. The “VIP Bed” auditorium holds only 11 beds on its four levels — enough...
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Assemble your friends, ya'll! The new 90210 is comin' in HOTTTTT xoxo- Deena
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Celebs Read Texts From Their Moms

Hope you had the best Mother's Day! Celebs are definitely NOT "just like us", but Jimmy Kimmel found a way to bridge the gap! Check out Celebrities Read Texts from Their Moms and enjoy LYFAO. Our girl, Billie Eilish made the cut and hers is actually the most relatable for me. Enjoy! xoxo- Deena...
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Botox All Up In My Jaw

Raise your hand if you've got TMJ issues. The more I chat with people about it, the more common it seems to be. I've got it. A good handful of my family members and friends do as well. Over the past few years the pain has become exponentially worse. I've been wearing a super duper sexy nightguard...
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FREE Mother's Day Babysitting Services?!

With Mother's Day approaching this Sunday, Kraft did their research and asked moms what they REALLY want. The overwhelming conclusion is that moms across the country would like the chance to enjoy some time for themselves and decompress. Some people took issue with this, stating that the point of...
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311 at Riptide Music Festival 2018 on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Deena Interviews P-Nut from 311

I hooked up with P-Nut yesterday from 311 to try to dig up some dirt on their summer tour.
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Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth

Deena Interviews Simple Creatures

Deena chats with Mark Hoppus & Alex Gaskarth of the new supergroup Simple Creatures.
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Have you ever been a successful professional actor? Neither have I... CLEARLY. So, get this: guy drops in to Trader Joes over the holiday weekend and spots former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens working the register. Guy snaps pics. Guy proceeds to job shame Mister Owens on social media for.....
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