Julian Casablancas & Albert Hammond Jr

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WATCH: Two Members of The Strokes Play Late-Night TV

By: Pepper

February 6, 2018

The good news is that Albert Hammond Jr. and Julian Casablancas have both released brand-new songs and performed them live recently on late-night TV. The (sorta) bad news is that ... they didn't do it together with the rest of their band, The Strokes

Albert's new track is called "Muted Beatings," and it's super dreamy and fun, which is kind of a weird way to describe it considering the subject matter behind his new album—Francis Trouble is all about Hammond's twin brother, who died in the womb. You can hear the rest of that record when it comes out on March 9th.

Julian's new track is with his other band, The Voidz. It's called "Leave It In My Dreams," and while The Voidz usually have a really gritty sound, this song is downright melodic and carefree. Their new album, Virtue, is set to be released on March 30th!

There's currently no word on if or when we'll get another album from The Strokes, so we'll take what we can get for now. And honestly, both of these songs are pretty friggen great!