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WATCH: The Strumbellas Talk Young and Wild in This EXCLUSIVE Interview

By: Maura O'Malley

March 6, 2017

Meet The Strumbellas, a six-person band from Canada. You probably recognize them from their 2016 hit, “Spirits,” but they’re back with a new video for “Young and Wild,” off the same album.

While their typical sound is all kinds of folksy, country, and blue-grassy, “Young and Wild,” can be described as a more pop-leaning track. The song is fun and upbeat, and we were dying to know what inspired the break from their typical sound—especially since “Young and Wild” is the only song of its kind on 2016’s Hope.

In this exclusive interview, the band breaks down just what happened to make them take a poppy turn. Hint: Shiny new toys are very inspirational.

We didn’t stop there, though. The band had previously mentioned having the most challenges writing this song than any other track on the album. Sounds like the struggle was real on this one, but they pulled it together, and the results are pretty incredible. Hear what they had to say about that below!

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