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WATCH: Kids Listen to Nirvana for the First Time

March 27, 2017

As we all know, kids don't hold back on their opinions. And they certainly didn't hold back when the YouTube channel REACT had kids listening to the classic grunge band Nirvana.

After listening to a catalogue of the band's music, the kids gave a mixed critique of Nirvana.

Some were positive:
"I really want to hear more! It's so cool!"
"It makes me want to go crazy!"
"Mwa! This is a masterpiece!"
"That was a classic rock n' roll song."
"The beat is just awesome. It's awesome! Whoever did that is awesome!"

Some were negative:
"It just seems like one tone."
"What the heck ... kind of music is this?"
"The last song was really good. But other than that, it was the saaaaaame sooooong."

Some just didn't understand what Kurt Cobain was saying!
"All I heard was 'heart-shaped box' and 'eat your cancer.' I don't know what that means."
"Did he say 'crocodile'?"

Watch all of their reactions in the video below!