WATCH: Don't Trust Bishop Briggs With Feathers & Spiders on April Fools' Day

We even got her sister involved to hear the full story!

March 29, 2018

By: Lauren Hoffman and Joe Hyer

April Fools' Day is here, and we have a warning about one of our favorite stars. Yes, Bishop Briggs may not be so innocent after all. Well, only when it comes to pulling pranks on family members.

That's kind of dark, no? Well, hopefully the 25-year-old leaves the spiders and feathers at home on her upcoming tour. She'll hit the road at the end of April, with more tour dates to follow throughout late June. 

Meanwhile, Bishop Briggs' debut album, Chruch of Scars, is set to be released April 20. Of course we're pumped for it, because we've been feelin' the record's latest single, "White Flag," since it dropped back in February.