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Watch Arcade Fire's Short Film 'Money + Love'

By: Annie Reuter

March 15, 2018

Arcade Fire have released the 13-minute short film, Money + Love, which stars Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine). Set to the music of “We Don’t Deserve Love“ and “Put Your Money On Me” from Everything Now, the David Wilson-directed clip depicts the members of Arcade Fire struggling with the idea of using their fame to promote different products.

The film opens in a conference room as Collette’s character informs Arcade Fire that they’re bankrupt. In order to pay their debt, they must partner with Everything Now Corporation, which will take 98.3% of their future earnings and commit the band to participate in product placement. The cameras then cut to various members of Arcade Fire acting in commercials for soft drinks, cereal, and, strangely enough, coffins.

While playing a gig at a casino, where their songs are merely background music, the entire band starts to lose it. The members interrupt table games by throwing cards and money and destroy the stage, which is littered with cereal boxes, soft drinks, and instruments.

Moments later, they’re filmed back at the coffin, which is emblazoned with their band’s name—and filled with money. As the band members try to flee the scene with thousands of dollars, everyone except frontman Win Butler is captured.

But Butler can’t go too long without his bandmates. Feeling guilty, he turns himself in and reunites with the other musicians.

Watch Money + Love below: