Alt-J press photo for new album Relaxer

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WATCH: Alt-J Detail New Album, Relaxer, in Exclusive Interview

By: Maura O'Malley

May 22, 2017

Alt-J is a group that can’t be pigeonholed. Plenty of bands place a solid mix of fast- and slow-tempo songs on their albums, and while Alt-J is no exception, there’s something different about them. Literally. No two songs sound the same. (Hear their deep take on that below!)

Their knack for creating unpredictable music, pleasantly surprising fans with a new sound on each track, stems from one simple fact: They’re their own harshest critics.

Watch below, and they’ll tell you more about their creative process and what’s to come on Relaxer.



Fun fact: The guys told us that the final track on the album, “Pleader,” is the one they’re most jazzed to play live, so we’re psyched to hear it once Relaxer drops June 2.


Relaxer track list:


In Cold Blood

House of the Rising Sun

Hit Me Like That Snare



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