Mark Foster Apologizes to Dan Reynolds After Criticizing Imagine Dragons

The beef is officially squashed

April 10, 2019
Mark Foster of Foster The People and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

Monica Schipper / Ethan Miller

Imagine Dragons have recently become the internet’s new favorite punching bag. After quietly watching the ill-natured comments unfold, frontman Dan Reynolds decided to respond in an honest note detailing how the negativity has affected him. 

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“How it could possibly make a kid feel ‘not cool’ listening to Imagine Dragons. I hate that thought,” he previously wrote. Along with explaining his thoughts, he also directly called out bands that have publically bashed Imagine Dragons. Foster The People were among those bands. 

In a 2018 interview, Mark Foster joked that Foster The People’s discarded songs got sent to Imagine Dragons. Foster is now attempting to mend the relationship with an honest and self-reflective letter apologizing for his criticism. 

“When Dan posted his open letter speaking about how the negative words from other artists have affected him, it convicted me. He’s right,” Foster wrote in a note headed “an open apology to Dan Reynolds.”  


Dan soon accepted the apology, admitting his sensitivity before proclaiming his fandom for FTP. “You guys didn’t have to put together something classy like this, but it’s rad you did,” he concluded in what seems to be an official end to any animosity between the two alt titans. Too soon to ask for a collab?