Spiders Could Eat Entire Human Population in One Year, Study Says

By: Maura O'Malley

March 29, 2017

According to The Washington Post, spiders could eat the entire human population in one year—if they wanted to, that is.

This all came from a recent publication in the Science of Nature, where two European scientists estimated that while humans eat around 400 million tons of meat and fish per year, spiders eat an estimated 400-800 million tons of meat.

Take a second to wrap your head around that. You good? Good. Because that all becomes even more wild once you realize how much more we weigh than spiders. The article claims that humans weigh around 360 million tons, whereas all of the Earth’s spiders weigh about 52,000 tons (which, by the way, equals 478 Titanics).

I’m no math expert, but consider all of the above numbers, and you’ll find that the entire human population weighs less than what spiders eat each year. So the answer to your question is yes—spiders could hypothetically eat, well, all of us.

In other nightmare-inducing news from the article: A recent survey done in North Carolina showed that spiders are present in 100% of homes, with 68% in bathrooms and over 75% in bedrooms. Sweet dreams!