The Process

March 25, 2017

    So my tattoo has been picked out and now it's waiting time. My tattoo dude is setting up by getting the ink poured out, opening fresh needles and making sure the tattoo will fit where I want it to go. It all checks out, I sit down in the chair and he ask me "You ready dude?" To wich I blink nervously and reply "Oh yeah, let's make it happen". Boom, the needle business has begun and the adrenaline rush kicks in.

    In other words the burning, scraping and irritating feeling hasn't really set in just yet. For myself I've got a good ten to fifteen minute window of a adrenaline rush. Where it doesnt suck so much as I know it will big time very soon. After that window passes it's not so much fun. I mean it is a needle cracking into your skin to leave something permanent behind. As much as I love to talk about whatever with anyone.

    When the tattoo magic is happening I prefer to talk as little as possible. It's nothing against my tattooer or anyone else in the shop. I just try to zone out as best I can to relax myself. Not saying I won't talk but for me the tattoo proccess is very much physical as it is mental for me. So the outline gets knocked out and the color gets popped in. Now we have what they call a real tattoo. I get my sweet new piece of art bandaged up. Pay for the tattoo plus add in that good old tip for doing a kick ass job. Shack hands, be on my way and let the healing begin.        


- SpAnIsH