My Tattoo Might Not Be For You

March 6, 2017

Over the years I've collected fifty plus tattoos. Some have been meaningful in the sense of family and friends.Others are inspired from things I've done, movies I like, or my favorite bands. I'm not one to over think on deciding what I get inked. If I like it and it's something I'm into then boom chances are good some form of that idea will get done. I don't have some big theme or idea that flows down either of my arms or legs. When I started collecting them I had no desire to put them together or link them in anyway. Like my personality, a wide variety of interest and randomness so are my tattoos. Their layout is just another form that expresses my personality. 

The question that pops up the most is "Why would you get that on you for the rest of your life?". In the beginning I took that question more as insult and I would repsond as such. Over time I've learned to listen more to how the question was asked, the tone, facial expressions that came along with it. Deciphering if it was meant out of pure curiousity or was it asked with the underlining way of telling me "That tattoo is dumb af". I take it with a grain of salt either way and answer their question with a response that is true and realistic to understand no matter which one they ask about. In a nut shell the answer is "It makes me happy and I like it" 

So if you see me feel free to ask questions about my Skull, Soda, Crab, Zombie, or Sperm tattoo and you might just get a interesting background story with your answer.