My First 3 Compact Disc

July 21, 2017

We all remember buying our first cassette tape, compact disc or getting money for that download growing up. The experience of being able to play your favorite song over and over in your room or car was a craxy feeling. I mean now a days the struggle of recording it on tape from the radio pressing play and record at the same time seems as old as black and white tv's. Which is what I did being a kid making my first mix tap of favorite songs. Fast forward to that very first compact disc I bought, it was 2pac.

I want to say I was in the 3rd grade when 'California Love' came out and had to have it. Granted it was just the single unedited, radio edit, and instrumental, but still it's that first compac disc of music buying experience. Memorizing the whole song on day one and keeping it on repeat. Now I've learned I can have music of any kind I want and hear anytime I wanted. So I followed it up with Green Day's 'Dookie' and Sublime's self titled albums. Which have shaped my music taste today being Hip hop, Punk, Regggae and Ska. Music is meant to be enjoyed and give you a feeling inside that no one can take away from you. So buy music, buy tickets to see concerts and never stop looking for new music.