Concert Attire

May 1, 2017

Picking out what you wear to a show is as easy as rolling out of bed or as difficult as trying to parallel park. The only rules that afternoon or night are to have a good time, take a lot pictures and make some solid memories. So making sure your gear is on point is key. For one of the biggest reasons being you never know who you'll run into and want to look good in front of. It's all part of the show experience having a good time and looking good in the process. Don't let what you think others might think to themselves about your attire.

Play a factor in your choice of what you'll wear to the show. Those clothes have been paid for so wear them damn it. With that said, break out what makes you happy and look great. You're going with friends and or someone you trust so don't hold back. Perhaps try something new that maybe you wouldn't normally wear out during the normal day. Music is all about self expression and so should the experience seeing it performed live. You only ever rememebr your own personal experience of the show. So make it a killer looking, styling, jaw dropping attire worn time.