The American Icon Stan Lee

October 4, 2017

   The creator for all that is amazing in the Marvel Comic world was in Tampa this past weekend. I'm talking about the 94 year old one and only Stan Lee. A man who has made himself into an American icon. Lee is responsible for creating or help create the Hulk, SpiderMan, Thor, Daredevil and X-Men just to name a few of the his insane list controbutions to the comic world. Born in 1922 Lee hasnt slowed down a bit making his funny cameos in Marvel movies and starting his Stan Lee Foundation in 2010. Which helps support programs in literacy, education and art.  


   Meeting Stan Lee this past Friday was a very out of the normal feeling for myself. Being a fan of his characters along with his "self made" life of being able to do what he loves for so many years. Made me appreciate the opportunity to meet him, get his autograph and picture a little bit more. This is a guy who has forever left his mark on the world as an artist and now a American icon. You don't get to meet people like that too often in life. When it actually happened it was wild, talking to him and just playing back his life in my head while he talked. Just didn't seem like a real life moment. It will be something I never forget ever in this life time. So if you ever get a chance to meet someone you admire I encourage you to do so.