New Music this week...On The Horizon! 2/26/17

March 1, 2017

Well hello freaky freaks! I’m busy working on this week’s On The Horizon Show but figured I’d give you a preview of some of the new stuff I’ll be debuting Sunday night…

The band Waters are out of Norway. Their 3rd studio album is out this year and it’s called ‘Something More’. The single is called ‘Hiccups’ and it’s the first new work from the band since frontman Van Pierszalowski split from his independent project, Port O’Brien.

Last week at the Brit Awards, The Chainsmokers went ahead and dropped a new track with Chris Martin from Coldplay. It’s called ‘Something Just Like This’ and its fire.

We all love Seether and thankfully they love us because album #7 from the South African giants, ‘Poison the Parish’ is dropping on 5/12. The first single is ‘Let You Down’ and you’ll be able to see them at Fort Rock on 4/29 in Fort Myers.

Down here a ballyhoo is a baitfish. But in Baltimore, a Ballyhoo is a band that’s been around for a while. They were on Warped Tour last year and are about to release their new album ‘Girls’. We’ll be playing the title track Sunday night!

We started playing Local Natives this past fall with the tune ‘Coins’. Here’s the next single off ‘Sunlit Youth’, it’s called ‘Dark Days’.

Lastly, New Beat Fund is a punk band out of LA. Their album, ‘Sponge Fingerz’ is out now wherever you do your downloading. This is the first single, ‘Ashes’.

That’s it thus far…gotta get back to work but enjoy these tunes and I’ll check you out Sunday night at 10p for On The Horizon.