Nerd Talk: Forget 'Star Wars' toys. We built the Lego Saturn V rocket!

January 24, 2018

1,969 awesome pieces all come together to form the greatest Lego build I’ve ever completed. Look, do I think that new 7,500 piece Millennium Falcon is awesome? Yes. A Super Star Destroyer? Also, yes. But when I was gifted a Lego set for Christmas, a purchase of love from a family member trying to get me something 'Star Wars'-y, I was given the instruction, “Exchange it for a set you’ll love.”

To the Lego Store we went, where the shelves were full of The Last Jedi vehicles/nerdiness.

The Lego Store is a bit overwhelming with a combination of toys, bright colors, and kids everywhere, but from the corner of my eye, something jumped out. The Saturn V rocket, responsible for sending humans to the moon, stood on a lower shelf neglected by the sea of children who all had similar intentions as me. Having traveled to see the actual friggin’ rocket itself last year, I was torn. Then, a Lego employee, softly spoken and awkward, recognized my quandary. “It’s a great set. I have it at home, and I love it.” This thing is MASSIVE:

Sigh. Also, side note, working at the Lego store must mean you just hand your paycheck right back to the cash register every two weeks…

I’ll always be grateful for my weird new friend. Her simple enthusiasm for the added difficulty of a 3-dimensional set like this helped make my decision and saw me on my way.

Celebrating the year Apollo 11 made it to the moon with astronauts strapped to this behemoth, the set features 1,969 pieces in total (including the four smallest LEGO characters I’ve ever seen!). The 12 bags of bricks and almost 200 pages of instructions took me just over 8 hours to complete in no hurry. That doesn’t include “help” from my cat, Peanut, or the moment trying to put the stages together where it crumpled and I dropped the smaller end on the kitchen floor.

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V