Taste of Music: Metallica and Panic! At The Disco Make Beer, Blink-182 Gets Ranch Dressing

A few new ways to drink your favorite band, some better than others

January 15, 2019
Metallica x Panic! At The Disco x blink-182

Ethan Miller / Staff | Kevin Winter / Staff | Mike Coppola / Staff

There are some new and exciting ways to enjoy the golden, hoppy, and sometimes buttermilk taste of your favorite band coming soon. So with a flood of food and beverage news surrounding some of our favorites, we felt it best to do a roundup of the choice creations that could soon be quenching your thirst for rock.

First up is Panic! At The Disco, who enjoys high hopes and select hops for their upcoming beer collaboration with Asbury Park Brewery in New Jersey. Starting on January 19th, the band and the brewery will be selling an American IPA known as IP!ATD.

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Brendon Urie and the Jersey brewery are rolling out the beer with a "strong malt backbone and a big hop finish" in conjunction with his upcoming show at the Prudential Center in Newark on the 18th. 

“I say this often, but beer really is my comfort food” Urie says in a statement about the limited edition beer that will be served at the show, and then will be available while supplies last at the brewery.

Meanwhile, the mighty Metallica is ready to take their own beer from the show to the shelves. Enter Night Pilsner has been sold during the band's Worldwired Tour, but will soon be hitting stores all around the country. The beer is a collaboration with Stone Brewing Company, based out of California.

According to a release, the beer is "a bold Pilsner that has all the elegance of a traditional Pilsner, but as if it was played through a distortion pedal. It’s the perfect beer for… f*** that, it’s the perfect beer!”

Jump in the fire with a beer that was crafted by Metallica and Stone Brewing, formed after several conversations between the band and brewers.

Then things take a turn. 

There are also reports this week of a blink-182 inspired dressing. 

UCLA students Megan Hullander and Angela Simmons are holding a release party this week for their vegan ranch dressing, named in honor of the band's Dude Ranch album. Dude Ranch Dressing is an enviormentally friendly condiment that is good for you and for the planet, featuring vegan mayonnaise and soaked cashews. “I think it is the sustainability that makes it important,” explains Hullander in the Daily Bruin. “Even if things are vegan, they’re generally thought to be better for the environment, but there’s a lot more to it than that.”

Drink responsibly, especially if it's ranch dressing.