Mel Right Meow

Kitty Needs A Name

October 29, 2017

The Adopt-A-Cat Foundation has literally helped thousands of animals over the years.  When you're dealing with that many furry friends it's tough to come up with new and unique names.  You guys have always come up with great names for some of the kitties in the past so I'm hoping you can help to name this one-eyed beauty.  Check out the pictures below and comment on our Facebook post with a name that you thinks fits this sweet girl.  Contact The Adopt-A-Cat Foundation if you are looking to adopt or donate (their contact info is below).  

Every week I volunteer at the Adopt-A-Cat Foundation in Lake Park.  It's emotional to see the abused, scared, and abandoned pets but extremely rewarding to see these tragic creatures transformed into healthy, happy pets ready for a loving home.  Help us spread the word!  I'll post up a picture of a kitty that needs a home each week and if you want to adopt one, please contact Inga at 561-307-3962.