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Nemo: The Cat That Looks Like Zoolander!

August 13, 2017

Haven't you always wanted a cat that can strike a pose?  Nemo has the Zoolander look down and that's not the only one!  This cat is full of easy to read expressions.  The darker coloring around his mouth and slight tilt to his jaw make him a unique beauty!  Top it off with his loveable, sweet personality and those gorgeous turqoise eyes and you have the perfect cat for any household.  Enjoy a few more pictures of him, then scroll down to the bottom for adoption information.

In honor of Nemo, this week on Mel Right Meow we check out cats that look like people...this may give you nightmares.    

Serious mustache game.

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Charlie Chaplin - I mean Cat-plin!

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Millennial Cat - He Knows Everything.

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We all know who this looks like...

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Every week I volunteer at the Adopt-A-Cat Foundation in Lake Park.  It's emotional to see the abused, scared, and abandoned pets but extremely rewarding to see these tragic creatures transformed into healthy, happy pets ready for a loving home.  Help us spread the word!  I'll post up a picture of a kitty that needs a home each week and if you want to adopt one, please contact Inga at 561-307-3962.

This week: Nemo.  This cat has looks - like the type that tell you exactly what he's thinking.  Nemo has mastered expressions and loves to show them off.  His calm demeanor makes him a great addition to all types of households.  Call Inga to find out how to take him home today