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Mel Right Meow

Meet "Celing" - The Cat Who Fell From The Sky Into Our Hearts

July 30, 2017

And he's up for adoption!  Ceiling came to the Adopt-A-Cat Foundation in Lake Park last week.  Somehow he made his way up into the roof and managed to fall down though the ceiling tiles into an unsuspecting office.  Unfortunately no one could take him home so now this cutie is available for you to adopt!  I mean come on, can you really say no to this cuteness?  Scroll to the bottom for adoption information. In honor of Ceiling, this week is kitten week on Mel Right Meow.  

We can see directly into your soul...

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I might be stuck. 

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I'm not sad...I have Resting Cute Face. 

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Every week I volunteer at the Adopt-A-Cat Foundation in Lake Park.  It's emotional to see the abused, scared, and abandoned pets but extremely rewarding to see these tragic creatures transformed into healthy, happy pets ready for a loving home.  Help us spread the word!  I'll post up a picture of a kitty that needs a home each week and if you want to adopt one, please contact Inga at 561-307-3962.

This week: Ceiling.  So cute, so playful, so ready for you to love.  This kitty is still young enough that he can be integrated into a cat, dog, or kid family.  He certainly likes to play but turns into a purr-ball when you cuddle up with him  Call Inga to find out how to take him home today!