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Cat Got Your Tongue?

April 23, 2017

Quick Mel Fact: I love cats.  Although I find all animals special and have grown up with all different types, cats are my current obsession.  I have four and a husband (remarkable for a crazy cat lady).  Since we don't have kids, I spend way too much time taking cat pictures and watching cat videos.  Now I'm sharing that with you!!!  This week's feature: Cats sticking their toungues out.  Enjoy!

This is Fathead...he can't keep his toungue out of my water.

This is Spazzy...she's just a jerk.

See two more here:

How long is your tongue? -- #cat #cute #Zephyr #norwegianforestcat #catsagram #catsofinstagram #derp #cattongue

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Bleh. #calico #三毛猫 #cat #猫 #ねこ #고양이 #cattongue #catsofinstagram #catstagram

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Did you know? - The size, texture, and shape of food are so important to cats that they may like or reject a certain food based on how it feels on their tongue. So I guess my cats actually have a reason for being picky.  

Every week I volunteer at the Adopt-A-Cat Foundation in Lake Park.  It's emotional to see the abused, scared, and abandoned pets but extremely rewarding to see these tragic creatures transformed into healthy, happy pets ready for a loving home.  Help us spread the word!  I'll post up a picture of a kitty that needs a home each week and if you want to adopt one, please contact Inga at 561-307-3962.

This week's kitty: Jet.  Favorite Hobbies: perching. Skills: Ability to sit as still as a statue and hide easily in the dark. Favorite Spot to be Pet: Behind his giant Yoda-like ears.