WATCH: Silversun Pickups Play 1 Has 2 Go, & It's Hilarious

From ‘Stranger Things’ characters to types of cheese, one of these things has to go!

December 6, 2017
Silversun Pickups appearing on CD USA.

© Aaron Settipane | Dreamstime

Contains some NSFW language.

You know the old saying “two’s company—three’s a crowd”? That gets put to the test in the Billboard video above, where the Silversun Pickups play "1 Has 2 Go."

To play, the band was given three similar items at a time, and each round, one of those items got the ol’ boot. Ranging in category from types of cheese to bands, this game is harder than it looks. But the “Lazy Eye” singers sorted through the questions with ease.

Watch the above video to find out which Stranger Things character has two go between Mike, Eleven, and Dustin. Or which condiment reigns supreme. Or which band can kick dirt.