WATCH: Queens of the Stone Age Share "The Way You Used to Do" Music Video

August 16, 2017
Singer Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age during performance at festival Rock for People in Hradec Kralove, Czech republic, July 4, 2013.

© Yakub88 | Dreamstime

Queens of the Stone Age have shared the music video for the “fever dream satanic dance ritual extravaganza” known as “The Way You Used to Do.” While the full video is currently available as an Apple exclusive, you can preview it below:


In a press release, Josh Homme described the video as a tribute to Cab Calloway as well as the movie Hellzapoppin’. He then explained all the dancing in the video by stating, “I fully realize that may be a little more than some are open to, and that’s perfectly fine with me.” He added, “Dancing and headbanging are truly individualistic expressions of losing oneself fully in appreciation of music.” Based on his dancing in the above Jonas Åkerlund-directed video, he really appreciates this song. Dance like nobody’s watching, Josh. Dance like nobody’s watching.

Villains, QOTSA’s seventh album, drops August 25, and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s lookin’ like it’ll be more upbeat than 2013’s …Like Clockwork, which can perhaps be attributed to the fact that it’s a Mark Ronson-produced (think: Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga) album.

What did you think of the video?