WATCH: Linkin Park Share "Sharp Edges" Video; Mike Shinoda Talks "Beautiful" Live Album

December 15, 2017
Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington

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One More Light Live—the album recorded throughout Linkin Park’s final tour with late frontman Chester Bennington—dropped today (December 15).

And a day ahead of its release, the band shared a poignant video (below) of its “Sharp Edges” performance. The minimalistic video features no one but Bennington and Brad Delson on stage, singing and playing guitar, making the massive room feel like a small, intimate one.

On the album, Mike Shinoda explained to Billboard that it serves as a “beautiful” documentation of Bennington’s work with the band—including some of the best on-stage vocals Shinoda had ever heard from Bennignton.

Linkin Park had previously said that Bennington felt this tour was the best the band had ever done.

One More Light Live is out now.