WATCH: Jared Leto Crashes ‘Fallon’ Set & A$AP Rocky Saves the Day

Plus, see footage of Mars Across America day one!

April 3, 2018
Jared Leto

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On last night’s (April 2) episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a hitchhiker stumbled on to the set, and that hitchhiker goes by the name of Jared Leto.

Luckily, Fallon helped him find his way back to the street … because confusing the street for the 6th floor is “a common mistake.” While the pair made their way outside, Leto explained that his Mars Across America trek is no joke—he’s really hitchhiking and/or catching rides in hot air balloons and on the backs of donkeys. This is the real deal.

Kicking off his week-long, cross-country tour yesterday (April 2) in New York City, Leto’s headed all the way to Los Angeles just in time for the April 6 release of America, Thirty Seconds to Mars’ new album. As he explained to Fallon, the trip is all about celebrating America through traveling from coast to coast, surprising fans with impromptu performances and asking people about their lives as he goes.

And what better way to get that journey started ASAP than by a ride from “One Track Mind” collaborator A$AP Rocky? Watch his Fallon appearance below, followed by footage of Mars Across America day one, when he sang "Walk on Water" and "Rescue Me."

THANK YOU to NY's finest for their kindness + incredible support today!! ----‍♀️----‍♂️ #MarsAcrossAmerica

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RESCUE ME ------------ #30secondstomars #stevieaiello #jaredleto #MarsAmerica #MarsAcrossAmerica #StevieAcrossAmerica "------❤️

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On my way to the train today, I was filled with overwhelming joy when out of nowhere the talented @jaredleto was performing some of my favorite songs from the awesome band @30secondstomars So lucky to be at this moment, at this time! #marsacrossamerica

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#WalkOnWater in NY! #MarsAcrossAmerica #StevieAcrossAmerica #StevieAiello #JaredLeto #30secondstomars #MarsAmerica ----

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I call this one "30 seconds to Penn Station" #JaredLeto #MarsAcrossAmerica

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"Rescue Me" through the streets of NY -- ---- ❤️ #MarsAcrossAmerica #StevieAiello #JaredLeto #30secondstomars #MarsAmerica #StevieAcrossAmerica

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