WATCH: The Glorious Sons Talk Songwriting & Selecting Songs for 'Young Beauties & Fools' [Pt. 2]

November 15, 2017
Brett Emmons & Jay Emmons of The Glorious Sons


The Glorious Sons’ main songwriter Brett Emmons may have just turned 25, but man, the guy can write a song. Young Beauties & Fools, the band’s second full-length album, was written in under two weeks. That sounds like a short period of time, but believe us, there’s nothing rushed-sounding about this album.

But when every song you write is just as good as the last, how do you decide which songs make it to the album? Brett and his brother/the band’s guitarist Jay Emmons told us a little bit more about the selection process in our exclusive interview below!

But what about the songs that didn’t make the cut—do those songs fall flat or will they resurface some day? Find out what The Glorious Sons brothers had to say about that in the exclusive clip below:

We’re on a Glorious Sons kick, so check back soon for part 3 of our interview—we’re talkin’ Canada and touring!