WATCH: Foster the People Share Doc & Announce New Album, Sacred Hearts Club

June 14, 2017
Foster the People

USA Today

Foster the People just announced their tour. Oh, and their third album, Sacred Hearts Club, will be released July 21. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

According to the just-shared documentary, “Sacred Hearts Club (the beginning),” which features interviews and rehearsals with the band, this upcoming album will make you feel that ‘60s beat. Below, the guys expand upon that, detailing the album and rehearsing some of the new tracks off Sacred Hearts Club.

Sacred Hearts Club track list:

1. Pay the Man

2. Doing It for the Money

3. Sit Next to Me

4. SHC

5. I Love My Friends

6. Orange Dream

7. Static Space Lover

8. Lotus Eater

9. Time to Get Closer

10. Loyal Like Sid & Nancy

11. Harden the Paint

12. III

Below, catch the lead single off the forthcoming album, “Doing It for the Money”—one of three songs released this past April.