Watch Foo Fighters Rock Out to "The Sky is a Neighborhood" with Dave Grohl's Daughters as Video's Stars

August 23, 2017
Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

USA Today

Remember back in May when Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins debuted a new Foo Fighters song, “The Sky is a Neighborhood”? The song’s back, as it just dropped along with a killer Grohl-directed video.

Below, Grohl’s 11-year-old daughter Violet and 8-year-old daughter Harper live life out of a storybook. Literally. As the girls read the song’s lyrics in a book, they become hip to the fact that there’s a band rocking out on the roof of their quaint cabin. Check it out below!

“The Sky is a Neighborhood” follows “Run” as the second song we’ve heard from Foo’s upcoming album, Concrete and Gold, which is out September 15. 

The band is promising a guest like no other on this album. We already know they got Sir Paul McCartney to drum on one of the tracks, plus there’s “Run” and “The Sky is a Neighborhood,” so it’s safe to say this album’s gonna rock.