WATCH: Exclusive Premiere of Brother Sundance's "Blind" Video

September 11, 2017
Brother Sundance

Image courtesy of SMG Records

Singer, songwriter, and producer Brother Sundance is a multi-instrumentalist who’s been playing music for quite literally his entire life. He began drumming at just age 2 (yes, 2), impressively teaching himself to play his favorite songs, and has since mastered the guitar and piano.

Initially making waves in the South Florida music scene with his previous band Wallace, the now-named Brother Sundance released a new EP, Honey, on August 11.

Now, we’re exclusively premiering the Josiah Sampson-directed video for Brother Sundance’s debut single, “Blind,” and you can watch it right here:



According to Brother Sundance, “Blind” came about when, as a music teacher, he was sitting in a music room playing a song called “All My Friends Are Dead.” When trying to write the song, he had the line “Blind eyes and a little bit of time,” but it was his girlfriend who completed the sentence, adding, “As she waits for his reply,” and the rest is, well, history.

Into the song and video? Brother Sundance doesn’t mess around—he’s already working on his second EP, which is due out early next year.