WATCH: Au/Ra Ranks Islands; Talks "Outsiders," Pink Floyd, & More

Watch it all go down in our EXCLUSIVE interview with the singer!

February 13, 2018

Courtesy of Columbia

At just 15 years old, Au/Ra sings lyrics that showcase an impressively insightful perspective set to music that’ll have you hooked at first listen.

It’s clear from songs like “Outsiders” (listen below!) that she’s in tune with the world around her, and that can probably be attributed to her diverse upbringing. Born on Ibiza, raised on Antigua, the trilingual singer knows Catalan and German as well as English (which wasn’t even her first language), and we got the chance to speak with her about her wanderlust-inducing lifestyle.

When you speak multiple languages, which one allows you to best convey the message of your lyrics? When you've seen so many beautiful islands, how do you choose a favorite? And when you weren’t even around during Pink Floyd’s The Wall era, how do you so effortlessly work the lyrics of one of the album's most iconic songs into your own?

Watch, and all will be answered.

Whether you're one of the "Outsiders" or not, Au/Ra’s advice to “Keep on being yourself and stay true to yourself” is ideal for anyone, and we're excited to see what she comes up with next.