WATCH: Alt-J's "Pleader" Video is 6 Minutes of Stunning Visuals

Plus, catch an exclusive interview with the band!

November 15, 2017

Atlantic Records

Is it possible for a video to make you love a song even more? Because the video Alt-J just shared for their Relaxer track “Pleader” did just that.

The Isaiah Seret-directed video, which focuses on “family drama with sacrifice and apocalypse,” is moving, visually stunning, and nothing short of fantastic.

Catch all 6 minutes of the video below.

As Alt-J points out in the tweet below, the video was inspired by the lyrics of the song as well as the Richard Llewellyn novel How Green Was My Valley and a film by Andrei Tarkovsky called The Sacrifice. (Watch the trailer for the latter and you’ll draw immediate parallels.) Focusing on “family drama with sacrifice and apocalypse,” the video is both moving and visually stunning. 

Last spring, the guys told us that “Pleader” was the one Relaxer song they were most jazzed to play live. Find out what Alt-J had to say about the rest of the album before it dropped by watching our exclusive video below: