WATCH: The Academic Use Facebook Live to Loop "Bear Claws" in Wildly Creative Video

The guys also explain the inspiration behind “Bear Claws” in our exclusive interview!

October 10, 2017
The Academic

Image courtesy of Downtown Records

The Academic just made an insanely creative Facebook Live video for their song “Bear Claws.” But it’s not just any Facebook Live showing.

The Irish rockers noticed there’s a lag when using Facebook Live. (There’s essentially a delay from the moment you go live until the moment the video actually displays on a viewer’s end.) Taking advantage of this delay, the band was able to loop the song without a loop pedal, layering more instruments and melodies as the song progressed. Ready for your mind to get blown? The guys used a soundstage to project the video live, creating “an infinite tunnel consisting of all the previously recorded loops.”

Is your head spinning yet? We promise this will all make sense once you see for yourselves!

Insane, right?!

Find out more on what inspired “Bear Claws” in our exclusive interview below!

“Bear Claws,” The Academic’s current single, is available now.