Smashing Pumpkins Tease Tour Dates

Are these the first stops along a Smashing Pumpkins 2018 tour?

February 14, 2018
Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins


In case you haven’t caught any of our Smashing Pumpkins reunion posts, we’ll break the news to you here: It’s looking increasingly likely that the band will reunite very soon.

The details have yet to be officially confirmed, but frontman Billy Corgan has been teasing a potential reunion on Instagram for quite some time now, revealing that the band is working on a new album with producer Rick Rubin.

Despite some controversy regarding the lineup of their presumably upcoming reunion tour—featuring Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin but not D’arcy Wretzky—it looks like the show will go on for the Pumpkins.

In the below post, Corgan shared several photos featuring ice cream trucks and the lyrics to the classic Pumpkins song “Today,” along with a “NYC x CHI x LA” caption. Could these be the first stops along a Smashing Pumpkins 2018 tour?

Back on the road… NYC x CHI x LA. #SP2018 #today

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As for the original lineup reuniting for the possible tour, Wretzky recently gave Alternative Nation her first full interview in 20 years, calling Corgan “insufferable,” explaining that she was invited to play in the reunion but was later told she could only participate in a “limited capacity.” 

Regardless, the clock is ticking, and it looks like we’ll have some sort of official announcement regarding the reunion tomorrow, February 15.