Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos Pens Statement in Response to Hiatus Rumors

July 26, 2017


After sending a series of tweets (below) that sparked rumors of a Passion Pit hiatus, front man Michael Angelakos has assured fans that a break isn’t on the horizon.

In a statement to Pitchfork, Angelakos discusses the toll album releases and the accompanying tours and promotion take on an artist, saying the process “nearly killed” him. But he wanted to clarify that he’s not giving up on music; rather, he’s giving up on the industry, explaining that he will continue to make music in a different, less “commercialized” way.

With his newfound free time, he’ll focus his efforts on further development of The Wishart Group, a venture he launched earlier this year to help musicians receive educational, legal, and healthcare services. Angelakos was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which affected his ability to play several shows and led to the cancelation of several tour dates. Now, an advocate of mental health awareness, Angelakos revealed that Wishart Group will focus largely on the mental health sector.

Angelakos’ statement feels all too relevant, as it falls on the heels of the loss of two massive vocalists who also struggled with their own mental health: Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Read Angelakos’ full statement over at Pitchfork.