Listen to The Killers' New Song, "Run for Cover"

July 28, 2017
The Killers

USA Today

The Killers have delivered on the below teaser, sharing a new Wonderful Wonderful song, “Run for Cover.”

The new song is different from the disco vibe of the Wonderful Wonderful lead single—almost reminiscent of the songs on their debut album, Hot Fuss. When front man Brandon Flowers recently detailed the upcoming album, he explained that it would reveal the band’s softer side, and that’s already evident from what we’ve heard on “The Man” lyrically. 

In other Killers news, the guys just announced their 2018 North American tour in support of the forthcoming album, due out September 22.


Wonderful Wonderful track list:

1. Wonderful Wonderful
2. The Man
3. Rut
4. Life to Come
5. Run for Cover
6. Tyson vs. Douglas
7. Some Kind of Love
8. Out of My Mind
9. The Calling
10. Have All the Songs Been Written