LISTEN: Jack White on Rock's Comeback & Recording 'Boarding House Reach'

Hear Jack White talk all about it in this exclusive interview!

February 12, 2018
Jack White

Photo by David James Swanson

You’ve heard “Connected By Love and “Respect Commander.” You’ve heard “Corporation.” Now you’re about to hear Jack White talk all about rock music and the need for “an injection of some new, young blood.”

That's because White told us all about it, and you can hear for yourself right here:

Solid rock music brewing? Cheers to that!

But the need for a breath of fresh rock air wasn’t the only thing he discussed. White then went on to talk about recording his forthcoming (and first in four years) album, Boarding House Reach. White approached this one differently, enlisting some new faces to work with—some he’d never even met before.

“It’s probably better that you don’t know each other in a way because there’s this energy in the room where you’re trying to feel each other out,” says White.

“You’re trying to impress each other. You’re trying to speak a similar language and get somewhere new. So it’s different than like, say, making music with somebody you’ve been in the band with for 10 years because you’re very comfortable with those people, so you’re less likely to do something dangerous or uncomfortable or something new with people you work with a lot. You’ve got to really push yourself to do something new with people you’re comfortable with. I like that uncomfortableness. It’s nice. “

And the uncomfortableness totally pays off. Listen to “Connected By Love” off the upcoming album below!

Boarding House Reach drops March 23 via Third Man Records, and you can get your pre-order on here.