LISTEN: Bastille Share New Song, “Quarter Past Midnight”

Check out the "escapist anthem" here!

May 9, 2018
Dan Smith of Bastille

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They say nothing good happens past midnight, but that’s definitely not the case with Bastille’s new song. In fact, we’re loving what’s happening “Quarter Past Midnight.”

The song “is about trying to capture that moment of a night out,” reveals frontman Dan Smith in a statement.

“Some people are gonna go home; for some this is just the beginning. It became about being in someone's car, driving through the city. I wanted to try and capture that sense of excitement, and that rush.”

But it’s also about escapism. “It’s way easier to escape in the night time,” Smith says. “Places that aren’t normally open are open to the world, and the places that you associate with reality and work are all shut down. There’s a parallel universe that exists, and this other set of people who are out and about.”

Bastille escaped for a bit themselves, spending five months in London to record this upcoming album—the longest they’ve stayed settled in one place since the release of their debut album, Bad Blood, back in 2013.

“Our first album was pieced together over a period of time, and then we never stopped to make our second record, we just carried on going,” Smith explains. “So it was really unusual and awesome to stop, properly focus on one thing and live a life in London for a while.”

And focus they did, recording and self-producing the record in “an old porn studio”-turned-music-studio. We have questions, but those will have to go unanswered for now.

In any case, “Quarter Past Midnight” is the album’s lead single, and while we have yet to hear any more about the upcoming release, we’ll keep you posted as details arrive.