Hear 25 Minutes of Grohl in Soon-To-Be-Recorded Song

Dave Grohl will reportedly go it alone for the instrumental track

May 15, 2018
Dave Grohl

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Dave Grohl has announced he’s about to record an ambitious 25-minute instrumental, reports NME. Ditching the rest of the Foo Fighters for the project, Grohl says he’ll go it alone, playing every instrument on the track.

To do so, he’s going to hole up in his LA studio (EastWest) and record himself playing the drums. Then, he’ll run to a second drum set to record the second part over the first. He’ll continue this process with the guitars and all other instruments, filming the entire thing. Basically, it’ll be like watching “six different Dave Grohls playing every note,” he tells Madison.com.

Apparently he’s planning on recording the 25-minute-long session once the Foos wrap their US tour, reports NME.

Sounds like a pretty sweet setup because you know what they say—the more Grohls, the merrier. (Real talk, though—you need to watch Grohl and his daughters perform “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” together.)