Glass Animals' New "Agnes" Music Video Shows You How Heartbreak Feels

August 3, 2017
Glass Animals at Coachella


Glass Animals have shared the music video for “Agnes,” a song from 2016’s How to Be a Human Being, and it’s wild, a word that doesn't accurately sum up the video’s emotional, metaphorical, and artistic achievements. The video features the group’s Dave Bayley in what appears to be a photo booth but is actually a human centrifuge. 

First, watch the music video, and then read on to find out a little bit more about what makes this simple video so significant.



The band left a note on Facebook to explain the unpleasant, almost excruciating, experience of subjecting yourself to the 18 rounds in the centrifuge that it took to film the “Agnes” video. Bayley compares the experience to being sat on—slowly—by an elephant. Or getting beat up—in slow motion. Not only does it become physically difficult to move but you begin to bruise and can even feel your heart morphing and struggling before you eventually faint.

Despite all of that, Bayley said it was an essential process to showcase the emotional pain felt by the song’s main character, Agnes. Read Bayley’s full explanation below.



The album’s editor’s note describes How to Be a Human Being as a collection of character studies from their time on the road.