EXCLUSIVE: Bear Hands on Their “2AM” House Party

Nothing good happens past 2 AM.

April 24, 2018
Bear Hands' Val Loper and Dylan Rau


They say nothing good happens past 2 AM, but we’re not entirely sold on that.

Picture this: You’re invited to a party deep in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Beer and whiskey are flowin’, dares are getting crazier, and the whole thing is filmed as a part of a Bear Hands music video. Sounds pretty good, right?

“The idea was just to invite a bunch of people over, get drunk, and have a party.”

And party they did. Watch Bear Hands talk all about the making of the video in our exclusive interview:

Now, watch the party unfold in the official “2AM” video.

“2AM” is featured on the band’s 2016 album, You’ll Pay for This, which you can get here.