Childish Gambino Says He's Been Working on New Music in London

Looks like this next album may not end up being his last!

August 9, 2017
Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

USA Today

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino stopped by BBC Radio 1, sparking an awkward what-do-I-call-you moment from host Clara Amfo. Remember when he told the Governors Ball audience this next album would probably be his last? Yeah, so do we, and that’s why Amfo had no idea what to call the actor/musician—if someone’s soon retiring their stage name, do you still use it? 

Glover cleared up the confusion with some good news: We have “a lot more time” to call him Childish Gambino. We knew he'd be collaborating with Chance the Rapper again in the future, but apparenlty that's not his only new music on the horizon. He explained that he’s been staying busy while living in London to film the upcoming Star Wars movie, from working on Atlanta to yes, even writing new music. Apparently he’s found London to be “very inspirational” musically.

First look: See Childish Gambino as Lando Calrissian in upcoming Han Solo movie.

Speaking of music, he opened up about the unexpected success of “Red Bone,” explaining that it just kinda “crawled in there,” which he attributes to its ability to connect with people.

As for another project of his? Atlanta fans, get ready—he seems confident that the second season will be even better than the first. And even though the season’s coming together, he’s taking his time with its release (which will probably be in 2018) because rushing it, he claims, leads to putting something out there you don’t exactly want.

Pretty good news all around, huh?