Brandon Flowers on the Meaning of "The Man" & What to Expect on the New Killers Album

July 13, 2017
Recording artist Brandon Flowers attends the Imagine: John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert at Madison Square Garden

© Anthony Behar

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers recently sat down with NME to chat about their forthcoming album (Wonderful Wonderful), their latest single (“The Man”), their last album (Battle Born) and the beginning of the Killers. 

Because there’s no time like the present, let’s start there, shall we? The band’s current single, “The Man,” is introspective—it’s Flowers’ way of accepting who he was, or at least the negativity he was projecting, when the Killers first came on the scene. This was based on his own insecurities and wasn’t an accurate portrayal of who he was, and a lot of the upcoming album is about coming to terms with that.

As for the past, Flowers admits that there wasn’t a whole lot of direction on 2012’s Battle Born, and he feels that they didn’t quite nail it on that one. But apparently Wonderful Wonderful will have what Battle Born lacked. From the sound of it, they did a lot of experimenting and risk taking, which producer Jacknife Lee was all about, so that’s sure to pay off.

So, what else should you know from this interview? Wonderful Wonderful is about to get personal. In fact, Flowers said this is the most “bare” he’s ever been, and it will show a more tender side (think: Flowers’ life and family). He explained that those are the kinds of songs he most likes to perform live. In particular, songs like “Mr. Brightside” and “Read My Mind” help him connect with people due to their more personal nature.

Wonderful Wonderful­—the name of which came from being in the desert when a storm came and Flowers simply thought those words at the time—is expected to drop September 22.