10 Songs for Every Type of Halloween Night

October 26, 2017


As Halloween closes in on us, so does our desire to get festive. And seriously, what better way to spread the Halloween vibes than with some Halloween-themed music? Some artists win points for the name alone, from Vampire Weekend to The Dead Weather. Others just wrote some seriously creepy songs—or at least songs with creepy titles.

Whether you’re spending your Halloween partying, chaperoning trick-or-treaters, or handing out candy to said trick-or-treaters, every option calls for some tunes. Enter: our selection of Halloween jams.

Here are 10 songs that are perfect no matter how you're spending Halloween:

Sir Sly “Ghost”

The Black Keys “Howlin’ for You”

The White Stripes “Little Ghost”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Heads Will Roll”

Gorillaz “Dracula”

Beck “Scarecrow”

Tegan and Sara “Walking With a Ghost”

No Doubt “Spiderwebs”

M83 “Graveyard Girl”

Radiohead “Burn the Witch”

Let us know who you would’ve included on this list. Happy Halloween, witches!