Gavin Rayna Russom - LCD Soundsystem - Photo by Gavin Rayna Russom

Photo courtesy of Gavin Rayna Russom

LCD Soundsystem's Gavin Russom Comes Out as Transgender

By: Branden Griffith

July 6, 2017

LCD Soundsystem is gearing up to release a new album this summer and is preparing for a massive international tour, its first since 2011, but in the midst of it all, something much more personal and impactful is happening within the band.

In an interview with Grindr, synth player and backing vocalist Gavin Rayna Russom has revealed that she is transgender and has identified as a woman for most of her life.


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Russom (who still prefers to go by Gavin) says that so far, the band has been “really supportive” and feels that her transition "will make the band better."

Russom's first performance following the news will be a Thursday, July 13th DJ set at Pitchfork Fest at a Chicago club, Femme's Room, which was recently voted Chicago's "Best LGBTQ Dance Party 2017". The set is meant to be a "dance party focused on celebrating all identities and forms of femininity and femme expression," though the DJ set was planned before organizers knew nothing of her transition, according to an interview she did with Pitchfork.



LCD Soundsystem's new album is expected sometime this Summer, and it will be Russom's second as a full-fledged member of the band, though she collaborated with James Murphy, helping to produce both "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" and Sound of Silver. 

Russom is also known for creating custom, analog synthesizers, garnering the nickname "The Wizard" for her prowess.

Read Russom's full interview with Grindr and a transcribed exclusive interview with Pitchfork here.