Hobart's Drone Blog

March 18, 2017

Hey Friends. As some of you may know I have a drone. I have a Phantom 3 standard which is the least expensive of the good ones if you could say that. Anyways I have always like RC cars, boats, planes and heli's but drones are a whole new kind of fun! The technology on these things is nuts! My drone doesn't even have all of the bells and whistles and is still fun! There's is obstacle avoidance systems, automatic return to home, auto land and take off, follow me features, point of intrest, waypoints, GPS and more! These things basically fly themselves! 

Now contrary to what Toast says I do not fly 1000ft and break the rules of flying...lol. YES there are rules even hobbiest's must follow. Nobody is allowed to fly over 400ft high period. You are also not allowed to fly over large groups of people like at concerts or festivals. You are also supposed to be able to see your drone at all times. Now this one I may have bended a few times because c'mon who can see 1 mile away? Some of these drones go 4.3 miles away like the new DJI Mavic so that may not be possible all the time..lol

Anyways I wanted to share some of the videos I takw while I am out and about. The video below was at PGA national park in Palm Beach Gardens. I hope you like it!