Using Augmented Reality, This Dude Makes It So You Can Be Mario

Where Pokemon Go Failed, This Guy Is Winning

July 7, 2017

by Gregr/Jon Sakura

We're still a long way from video gaming being a whole world, 3D immersive experience. Take Pokemon Go (Home from the Park It's Two in the Morning), people went crazy for overlaying a digital game onto the real world often by posting NSFW photos of Diglett sprouting for their crotchular regions - it's naughty - or capturing their favorite Pokemon stomping around in the real world!


But after a bit, it became clear that switching off the Augmented Reality feature made the game way more efficient. Thus, the first mainstream foray into the mixing of computers and reality pooped out before any significant excitement could be reached. Thank the nerds that the technology isn't that out of reach and individuals are pressing on.

Take this dude who made his own AR version of Super Mario Brothers. He puts on the Hololens goggles that allow World 1-1 to be overlaid into what looks like Central Park and I'm instantly jealous and "need" this: 

It's still hella clunky gear, and he still looks like a lunatic, but you're not completely cut off from the real world like virtual reality. It's the awesome part of augmented reality transforming the existing landscape into your playground. When the optics become simple enough this is going to get super fun! Astronauts are already experimenting with having an AR heads-up display to use for their space walks to better be able to handle the job they're doing. Or imagine a surgeon having the overlay of the job they need while performing a complicated surgery. Augmented reality could make our future the best. Or, it could get super scary like this:

Not sure which is scarier - getting ripped off like that, or everyone being so submerged in entertainment that we never see one another face to face again?