Nerd Talk: RIP The CD (1982-2018)

People Still Have Strong Feelings About Physical Media

February 7, 2018


Mega-retailer Best Buy has announced that they're done selling you music via Compact Disk.

I take full responsibility for being that jerk who assumes everyone is technologically growing with the times, because I was shocked to find out how many people still buy physical media to consume music.

When compared with all the other ways you can listen to music, CDs are the worst! They're plastic scratch magnets daring you to ever take them anywhere or use them for anything. Oh, what's that? You want Disk 5 back from your car's CD changer? Clunk-ka-chunk-zip-ziiipz-grind... nope!

I remember a time when every single CD I bought went straight into the burner on my desktop computer to be replicated, the original nice and tidy in its case on the shelf on my desk. That way when my buddy took the Cult of Luna disk out and put it WHEREVER THE **** HE WANTED LIKE SOME KIND OF MONSTER, I could always go home and burn a new copy from the original since the footprint and drag marks rendered my initial burn useless.

Billboard is reporting that Best Buy will stop selling CDs despite making $40 million annually from the dying medium. Somehow, more than 70 million albums sell on CD each year. They will continue to sell vinyl for the next couple years to honor contract/legal stuff promised.

Remember how hot vinyl collecting was for a minute there? The report also suggests that Target is getting out of selling CDs, too, unless the labels go full consignment so that Target doesn't get stuck with a bunch of unwanted product.