Nerd Talk: Programmer Makes Bot To Capture Sunsets and the Time-Lapses are Insanely Beautiful

Watch daily time-lapse footage here!

March 21, 2018

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A Seattle programmer found a way to keep you from ever having to miss a gorgeous sunset again, and he's made the code for it available for free!

We keep ourselves so busy feeding the big data machine with modern circuit training - two minutes on Facebook - switch - two minutes on Instagram - switch - two minutes on Twitter "I'M SO OUTRAGED!!!!" - switch - two more minutes on Facebook, etc...

Because of this obsession with our phones/screens, we're likely to miss the wonderful things in life that happen in the beautiful world around us like a crow eating a runover pigeon in an alley full of human poops behind my garage. It's definitely not all sunshine here...

On second thought, maybe just keep looking at your phone after all. 

Well, what if the gorgeous world and our love of technology joined forces? Enter: Alan Hussey, some friends, and his amazing time-lapse Twitter sunsets @goldenhourSEA. 

There's a small computer suctioned up against a window in Seattle's Smith Tower - tiny Lego cameraman perched on a ladder atop - taking intermittent photos of the bay and its various evening activity. Its little Raspberry Pi brain pings the internet for sunset times and weather data then records a time-lapse over the course of two hours, before making a video and posting it automatically to Twitter every evening. 

I love watching the ferries come and go, but the best contrast is the cloudy day where the ominous blankets of moisture get pulled like fabric over Elliot Bay. 

A proper developer willing to share his work, Alan made the code available for free so you can program your own time-lapse machine, maybe to monitor crow and pigeon alley affairs.

Thanks, Alan and pals.