Nerd Talk: Nerds help you dip your nuggets safely with a new sauce holder in your car

Mobile Dipping sauce 'cause those nugs don't dip themselves.

December 13, 2017


It's one of the toughest struggles of that fast food life -- waiting until you get home to cram junk in your wind tunnel. Right, like you're going to eat just a few fries on that 10-minute drive in traffic?

Side note: Why does fry smell linger in a car way longer than the worst of farts? Anyway, these nerds have developed a way to manage dipping sauce without needing a car detailing.

Leave it to some grade-A nerds to come through! I think it's so simple that this thing will work. Innovation!

Look, you 100 percent should not drive and eat at the same time, but that doesn't mean you can't eat food in your car at the parking lot away from all the weird gross things that live near fast food bathrooms.

When you open a pack of that tangy 9,000% sugar BBQ sauce and proceed to roll the dice placing it delicately on the center console daring fate to kick yer' junk in the trunk, it's gonna go wrong, and your car's gonna smell like hot vomit for a week. 

CAUTION: while the dipping hand is craning your morsel into your mouth, you still need that safety net tracking hand hovering below -- another reason you shouldn't dunk and drive. It's that tiny blob that's gonna get between the shifter and the car seat that you'll never find until it finds you when your phone slips down there and you go fishing for it. SURPRISE!

I'm not here to tell you what to waste your money on. I just think this looks cool. Also, I'm so hungry for nugs now. Is "nugs" one or two G's? Z?